One Family's Journey Home

Your holiday gift can be priceless this year, empowering families to build a brighter future. Tatianna 'Taye' Johnson and her children are just one of the families whose lives are being transformed as we begin work on the Magnolia Place Townhomes.

Taye’s oldest daughter, Avianna, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve.  Taye and her 3 daughters shared a crowded, 2 bedroom duplex without heat or air conditioning.  Heat meant turning on the  stove.  With Christmas approaching, Taye planned a special gift for Avianna; a bedroom of her very own.  

The sacrifice meant that mom and the 2 younger girls would share the other room.  But a dream would come true and Avianna would have a room of her own, even if it was just for one night. After 5 years of heartache and struggle, Taye, with a BS in Mass communications knew she needed a plan.  Reading “Reposition Yourself” by Pastor T.D. Jakes, she started working on redesigning her own life.  Further inspiration came when she read about Habitat in a local magazine and realized that homeownership could be part of her plan.  Taye transitioned to a higher paying job, took control of her finances and contacted Habitat.  Careful to stay on track with the paperwork, her life changed when she got just one phone call.  

“It was too good to be true – and the thought of a new home just hasn’t hit me yet”.

As Taye continues her automobile sales career with J.D. Byrider, daughters Avianna, Autumn and Aubrie are excited about life in a new house, their own home that will keep them warm in winter and cool in the summer.  Thanks to a very determined mom.