Teacher Builds a Future with Habitat

A graduate of Southeast University with a B.S. in Education, Kimberly is a spunky, third year, first grade teacher and PTF President at One Church.  Meeting those demands along with those of a single mom raising two active boys is challenging for anyone.  Determined to provide a good life for her sons, Kimberly has added a big item to her 'to do' list; providing a home of their own.  

Homeownership to her means 'freedom, a renewed sense of peace, belonging, autonomy and joy'.  Her sons names reflect her humble gratitude to be selected as a Magnolia Place family.  Seth means "for God" and this young man is both charming and funny.  Simeon is the one remembered in the Bible as the one to whom God made and kept a promise.  This faithful family feels blessed and excited to become part of the Habitat family.