2016 Volunteer Appreciation Awards

  The 25 Women Strong Award Recipients

The 25 Women Strong Award Recipients

Millard Fuller once said, “A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that. If a family is not rooted, it will not flourish. But once a family is well-rooted, all kinds of wonderful things happen.” This year, Habitat Seminole-Apopka celebrates 25 years of wonderful things happening for families in our community. Decent shelter is something we all need to thrive, and the years have shown us again and again what a strong foundation a Habitat home can be for a family. We thank you for your support, for however long you’ve been with us, because it’s helped us grow, and we look forward to building with you for many years to come.

Please join us in recognizing our 2016 Volunteer Appreciation Award recipients!

Millard Fuller Award | Judy Bagley

Linda Fuller Award | Lisa Rose

Construction Volunteer(s) of the Year | Mike Cruse & Kenny Peck

ReStore Volunteer of the Year | Kelly McGill

Youth Volunteer of the Year | Aaliyah Corea

Outstanding Service in Fundraising | Joyce Odongo, Carla Hogan & Susan deFreese

Outstanding Service | Kelly McGill, Lauren McNabb, Brenda Lockett, Michael Sarra, Mark Ormond, Carolyn Hattaway, Aaliyah Corea, Michael Peverini, Mary Poteat, Isaih Flagler, Greg Raymond, Andy Nazaronko, Ari Stafford, Michael Bonacci, Judy Bagley, Regina Shnaider, Ed Schnaider, Eduardo Bouciaut, Pam Hamburg, Cynthia Chmielewski, Russ Risdon, Cabrina Hamilton

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