Juniper Bend & Arbor Bend Groundbreaking!


On March 16th, we broke ground on the largest development in the history of our affiliate. As we do with all of our projects, we strive to have a positive impact not only on the families that partner with us but also on the community at large. Through revitalizing unused spaces, establishing partnerships with local community and government leaders, and bringing more engaged citizens to an already well-established neighborhood, Habitat Seminole-Apopka strives to keep the focus local and bring people together in the spirit of cooperation and fellowship. 

We have been building homes in Apopka for 25 years and we are proud to be leading the effort to build 58 single family homes here in Apopka.  In partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando, Orange County, Florida, and Homes In Partnership, Inc., 58 affordable homes will be built in the South Apopka community. Habitat Seminole-Apopka's Juniper Bend development will feature 24 single-family homes and Habitat Greater Orlando's Arbor Bend development will feature 34 single-family homes. 

This public/private partnership consists of four entities and all intend to assist in the creation of affordable housing.  Together in this collaboration, we work to build walls, but never barriers. We work to foster alliances, but never hostility. We work to support both the whole and the sum of its parts. At Habitat, we work to build all of us up, one family at a time, and we're thrilled to have this chance to work with the many different types of members of the Apopka community.

Our shared vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  Habitat creates an equalizing force and provides a proven program- offering a hand up to become successful homeowners. We are honored to partner and build with this community on our largest planned development of safe, decent and affordable homes!

penny seater
executive director
habitat for humanity of seminole county & greater apopka