Why donate to ReStore?

There are so many reasons to send your local ReStore the items you no longer need and anyone, including individuals, businesses, contractors, and suppliers, can donate. Here are a few ways you can impact your community by donating your goods to the ReStore:


It helps the environment.
Every single item donated to the ReStore equals less useable material being thrown in a landfill, and that’s a benefit to everyone.


It's good for the community.
Proceeds from every ReStore purchase help local families build brighter futures for themselves with Habitat for Humanity.


Every donation is tax-deductible.
While your donation helps provide homes for others, for you it provides a tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.


FREE Pick-Up
Call our Donation Hotline, and we’ll come and collect your large donation for FREE. Schedule your donation today by calling (407) 215-2000.