A Need for Housing

The family or individual applying for the Habitat for Humanity home must have a need for housing. This means the family or individual must be currently living in either substandard, transitional, hazardous, unaffordable, and/or overcrowded housing.

What are examples of showing a need for housing?


Inadequate housing includes problems with the current structure such as water, electrical, sewage, or heating system. The current housing may be hazardous; poorly maintained; or fails to meet city property maintenance standards.


The make-up and size of your family will be compared to the number of bedrooms in your current living situation to determine if it is overcrowded.


Transitional housing is if you are currently living with family members, or friends in a temporary living arrangement.

Government Subsidized

If you are currently living in Section 8, or in a Low Rent Program this would indicate a need.


If your current housing is unaffordable, that would indicate a need. This is determined if you are currently spending more than 30% of your gross monthly income towards your rent.

To purchase a home with Habitat for Humanity you must show a need for housing. Do you wish to continue?