Builder's Circle

Sustainable giving for a sustainable program.

Habitat for Humanity does not provide temporary solutions to long-term problems. We know that housing instability is a hurtle that takes real, long-term solutions to overcome. That’s why our program is built with the future in mind.

Our program is about families taking charge of their finances and becoming self-sufficient, independent, and ready for long-term financial secruity. From our sweat equity requirements, to our mentor program, to our financial education classes- every element of the Habitat for Humanity program is about sustainability.

We invite you to become a sustainable giver. When you make a commitment to donate once per month Habitat has dependable funding to rely on.

Join the Builder’s Circle and set up a donation that will be automatically charged to your card each month.

It's Easy!

Setting up your automatic donation with Habitat for Humanity is easy!

You will have an easier time setting up our auto-pay then you did setting up all your utility bills last time you moved into your new home!

We all need to budget.

Setting up automatic payments helps us all budget for the future.

Budgeting is one of the many important early lessons of our program.

Add giving to your budget!

Give a little at a time.

When you set up a monthly donation you can make a small gift each month that adds up in a BIG way!

Monthly giving is a great way to make a big difference in our community, without breaking the bank.