Court-Ordered Community Service Requirements

Thank you for turning to Habitat for Humanity to fulfill your court-ordered community service responsibility.

We are happy to help you fulfill your hours and look forward to working with you. We want this volunteer experience to be rewarding. In so doing, there are certain guidelines we maintain as a way to stay organized and ensure a positive working relationship. Please email Emalee at with any questions or concerns!

Register for a Volunteer Orientation

Once you’ve registered for an orientation as a volunteer and have signed up for the mandatory 1-hour orientation, you can begin volunteering at one of our ReStore locations!

Volunteer in the ReStore

Court-ordered hours must be fulfilled at one of our ReStore locations (in Sanford or Casselberry). Please note you can not do your court ordered community service hours at our construction site at this time.

Meet our Age & Offense Requirements

All Community Service volunteers must be 16 or older in order to be able to volunteer. Offenses we do not accept: internet crimes, acts of violence, felony theft-related crimes, sex-related crimes.

Track your hours responsibly

You must sign-in and sign-out on your scheduled day at the Habitat site. You are responsible for having a ReStore employee sign off on your hours at the end of each shift. Habitat is not responsible for hours not logged.

Community Service Hours Request

To request your hours, fill the form linked out. Please note that if you are serving hours through Orange County, you are not be eligible to receive a letter directly, but can fill the form out if you wish to notify the Volunteer Coordinator that you’ve completed you hours.


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