This Changes Everything

Give The Gift Of Home

Donate to Habitat for Humanity Seminole–Apopka

You’re about to make a tremendous difference in the life of someone in our community. It takes just 1,000 people donating $100 each to change a struggling family’s future forever. We hope you’ll make that 999 people today. Whatever you donate, thank you for your support. You’re making a difference.

Builder's Circle

Monthly Giving

Join us in providing foundational support of our work by becoming a part our builder's circle.

Builder's circle is our monthly giving program that helps provide strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter to families in our community.

Strength builder

Gift of $25
each month

Stability builder

Gift of $50
each month

Self-Reliance builder

Gift of $100
each month

Foundation builder

Gift of your choice
each month