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Emalee Schierman
Volunteer Manager
407-696-5855 x2206
[email protected]

A hot day that inspired confidence and humor

My passion for seeking solutions to break the cycle of poverty led me here in the summer of 2017. It was an excellent career move. Habitat is a great fit because it provides services that address long term issues with long term solutions.

My most memorable moment remains working on a construction site with a homeowner and a volunteer group. It was a HOT sunny day, as it tends to be in Florida, and I was working with a homeowner who was timid about the process. She finally reached her comfort zone and her confidence grew so much so ended up teaching the volunteers the project. When I complimented her on her new-found skills, she cracked the biggest smile, and joked that she was now going to start charging for her labor and expertise. The pure joy, pride, strength and growth I saw that day was fabulous.

Personal Space: I have a large collection of board games, and I love to get a small group of friends together and play a two- or three-hour long game with music and snacks. I also love to spend time with my new hubby (6/29/19), and my French bulldog Rae.