Milani Baez
AmeriCorps Homebuyer Services Coordinator        407-865-2695  [email protected]


Finding My Perfect Fit With Habitat       

Taekwondo, music, and now Habitat. It may not seem like my story’s path has clear connections, but for me it just makes sense. As soon as I took my first look at Habitat I could tell that it was going to be a good fit for me. On the surface Habitat’s work may just seem like a pretty simple melody, but in reality, it requires a team all specializing in their own instrument. Each instrument comes together to create a seamless ensemble. This teamwork is pivotal to our success- and now I am a part of that team!

Personally, and professionally, I am learning so much and growing as an individual with first-hand experience. Many signs have led me to this organization, and I couldn’t be more excited to a part of the team.  

Personal Space: On my other time, I am in college for music and business management. I love music, creating it and hearing it; I do it almost constantly. I enjoy being outdoors and walking my dogs. I train in MMA and Taekwondo where I have a 1st degree belt.