Orlando Volunteer Opportunities: Great Ways to Give Back

Orlando Volunteer Opportunities
Orlando Volunteer Opportunities

NBC News reported that “there are an estimated 10,000 homeless adults in the area.” Yes, you read that correctly. Over 10,000 adults alone are homeless in the Orlando community. 

Homelessness is a serious and real threat in Orlando. People of all different backgrounds, creeds, and ethnicities have no shelter and are forced to beg to just get a meal. This saddens us, yet also drives us to change the current landscape. 

We desire to make a positive contribution to the less fortunate in the community and invite you to join us. If you want to discover Orlando volunteer opportunities and help us change lives, continue to read! 

Giving Back Is So Fulfilling

There is nothing more fulfilling than giving back to the community. It simply makes you feel good. Not only does giving back offer a great internal sensation, but we believe it’s part of life’s journey.

It feels so fulfilling because it is a part of our nature. We are meant to contribute to society and impact the lives of others. 

Positive benefits of giving back include relieving the stresses that come with everyday life and meeting new people and potentially creating long-lasting friendships. Additionally, seeing people who are in a worse position than you offers a new perspective on your own life. 

There are many ways to give back to the community. From volunteering to donating money to hosting charitable events, there is an opportunity for everyone to make a substantial impact. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer in Orlando! Countless people could use your help. 

Building Homes for the Less Fortunate in the Community is a Great Volunteer Opportunity

One of the most rewarding approaches to giving back is to experience your impact firsthand and be a participator in the field. What does this mean? Getting your hands dirty and contributing your time can allow you to truly see the fruits of your labor.  

One meaningful way to do this is to build houses for the homeless or less fortunate. This is exactly what we do. At Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka, we have seen the incredible difference our homes have had on people in the local community. 

You do not have to go far to have an impact. Many people think about donating to third-world nations or foreign causes, but by volunteering, you can have a major impact right here at home. 

Since our establishment, we have built or renovated over 190 houses. This has led us to provide a home for more than 550 people. 

Who are the people we serve? We not only help the homeless but less fortunate singles and families who do not have a reliable home to live in. We have helped people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. 

We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary and cannot wait to help many more people for decades to come. 

Different Types of Opportunities

In the Orlando community, we host projects frequently throughout the year. We are a 24/7 non-profit organization that strives each day to serve others. 

While the physical construction of homes is key to our mission, there are other opportunities to help us impact lives. 

Building Homes

Yes, this is the principal task we do daily. You can volunteer to be a builder in one of our upcoming projects.

Every home we have ever constructed takes the support of hundreds of volunteers. An approximate 3,000 volunteer houses are spent on every project.

What is amazing about our team is that many people who have no construction experience at all are compelled to learn a new skill and join our cause. We love this!

If you are not familiar with house building, that is completely OK! If you decide to join us, not only are you helping a member(s) of your community, but you will take part in a completely new experience. 

Our construction site supervisors, who are talented professionals, will train you and help you learn everything you need to know. 

The only requirements are your passion, ambition, and desire to make an impact. Your passion will drive your success as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer. It is a seed that will grow, evolve, and blossom into something incredible. 

It is easy to sign up for a build. Once you select a build day, it is important to arrive sharply at 8 AM for training.

A build day will typically last from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older to participate on a Habitat for Humanity construction site. 

Group Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity loves when groups want to join the cause. We have seen how volunteering can be a great collaborative event for groups and how it can bring team members or friends/family together. 

If you have a group that would like to help our mission, we offer a few volunteer options in the Orlando area. Of course, we are happy to include groups in one of our build days.

The more volunteers we have on a construction site, the more productive the day will be. Encourage your group to be ready for a long day, but one full of compassion, love, and teamwork.

Another opportunity we offer for groups is to come shopping with us for furniture and appliances at thrift stores. Group volunteers can help us design the look of houses and in turn, participate in creating beautiful homes for individuals in the Orlando community.  

After working on one of our home building projects whether on the construction site or in thrift shops, we can nearly guarantee your group will be fulfilled and happy that they got to contribute to a good cause.

Teamwork and collaboration build character and a sense of community. Whether you have a company team, church family, or civic group that wants to participate in a Habitat for Humanity project, we have seen how our build days encourage groups to become closer and accomplish a goal together. 

Your group’s volunteer day can not only be a give-back opportunity but a team-building exercise that can have lasting results. 

Event Volunteers

As a part of our mission, we host a variety of different events per year. Events range from house dedications to fundraisers. We need volunteers to help us run these events smoothly. 

A house dedication is a momentous event for a less fortunate individual or family. We want this event to be as special as possible for them. With passionate volunteers, we can give them a day that they will never forget. 

Fundraising is so crucial to our cause. Without our gracious donors, we would not be able to do the work that inspires us every day. With fundraising events, we get to tell our story and encourage people to financially support our projects.

We need ambassadors who are passionate about what we do to not only represent us but help us create a meaningful fundraising event that can bring in new support. This can be you! 

With the success of our fundraising, we can build even more amazing homes for individuals in the community. Our projects are completely funded by our generous donors and partners. 

If working on a construction site is not for you, that’s completely okay. You can participate and contribute to one of our many yearly events. 

Family Support 

If you want to work directly with the individual or family who may be moving into one of our new homes, you can become a family support volunteer. As a part of our services, we collaborate side by side with applicants or future residents and guide them through the whole Habitat for Humanity process step by step. 

The kind of tasks you can be a part of include helping in the qualification process and the move-in experience. The people we serve need passionate and reliable team members to work with. 

If you have customer service experience or simply love to interact with people, this could be a great option for you. Our family support volunteers impact lives every day and are a critical element of our mission.

We need trustworthy volunteers who can be our voice and provide compassion, empathy, and valuable knowledge to our applicants or future residents. 

Without our family support volunteers, it would be far more difficult to serve people in the Orlando community. We want our applicants and future residents to have the best possible experience from start to finish. With our family support volunteers on call to assist in an assortment of needs, this is possible. 

Office Opportunities 

Do you enjoy office work? Then being an office support volunteer may be a great fit! Tasks you can expect include helping with filing important documents, sending out bulk mail, and preparing for special events including home dedications and organization fundraisers. 

As an office support volunteer, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our staff members, as well as other volunteers who share your passion. 

Our office work is critical to the success of our mission. The Habitat for Humanity office serves as a home base where we can organize and prepare for our projects. 

Without our office support volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish everything we need to before, during, and after a project as effectively. The tasks you will help with in the office can help us fundraise better, meet new donors, and keep our current donors updated on the progress of current and future projects.  

In turn, we can build more homes for the less fortunate in the community. 

Working as an office support volunteer, like all of our opportunities, can have lasting implications such as new friendships. 

Many Ways to Help Equals More Flexibility 

Our volunteer work in Orlando encompasses many opportunities. This allows our volunteers to select a role that is most appealing to them. Additionally, our volunteers can select opportunities that are compatible with their strengths or preferences. 

If a volunteer excels and loves customer service, he or she would be an excellent family support or event volunteer. On a different spectrum, if a volunteer enjoys the behind-the-scenes work, he or she may enjoy being a builder or office support volunteer. 

We believe people have an assortment of different gifts and talents. Consequently, they can use their talents to impact the lives of others. This is why we offer a variety of different volunteering roles. 

Flexibility is a great thing we have found very beneficial to offer. The most rewarding aspect our volunteers love is that they can have a significant impact no matter the role they select. 

As each of our volunteers comes together under the same unified mission, they become a team that is working on something bigger than themselves. This collaborative spirit leads us to tackle any challenge and build the homes our residents deserve. 

Discover Our Orlando Volunteer Opportunities Today! 

We have plenty of Orlando volunteer opportunities for you to research and explore. As we hoped to have conveyed, the work we do daily helps so many different individuals and families right here in the Orlando community. 

Our work could not be done without the passion and enthusiasm of our volunteers. It is people like yourself who want to give back to the community that has allowed Habitat for Humanity to thrive for over 30 years. 

We invite you and encourage you to further research our mission and the work that we do. If volunteering with us is something of interest to you, it could not be more simple to sign up. For more information, get in touch with us today. 

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