ReStore Volunteer FAQ

What must I do in order to become a volunteer?

We do require all volunteers to attend a 1-hour orientation before volunteering. You register for an upcoming orientation session online. You will not be able to volunteer at the ReStore until you have completed this. If you have already attended an orientation but have been absent from volunteering for more than 3 months, you may be required to attend the orientation again.

What will I do?

There is always something to do when volunteering at the ReStore. Many of the tasks include general housekeeping duties (such as organizing, dusting, sweeping, etc.). You may help accept donations from customers, move items to the sales floor, and help customers take their purchased large items to their vehicles.

When can I volunteer?

After attending  an orientation, you will build your own schedule from the available shifts online or by reaching out directly to the ReStore Volunteer Coordinator.

**Volunteers can schedule more than one shift per day and must register for their shift online or in person with Lindsay Riessen, the ReStore Volunteer Coordinator.

Who can volunteer at the ReStore?

Anyone age 16 and older who wants to make a positive impact on his or her community can volunteer at the ReStore!  Volunteers under age 18 must bring a Volunteer Waiver signed by a parent/guardian with them to orientation.

What should I wear?

  • Dress appropriately (T-shirt and jeans are fine), but no: sagging pants, shorts shorter than mid-thigh, clothing with inappropriate or offensive images or words, dangling jewelry, shirts that expose any mid-drift
  • Closed-toed shoes are mandatory (no rocs or slip-ons)
  • Please keep in mind that your clothing may become dirty while working at the ReStore
  • You will be given a vest/apron and a nametag during your orientation, which must be worn at all times while you are volunteering.

I want to volunteer with a group of people.  How do I schedule my group?

The ReStore has various projects throughout the year that require groups.  These opportunities are typically designed for 4 – 12 individuals, and shifts for groups are available during the ReStore’s hours of operation (Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm).  Group members must be at least age 16.  Chaperones may be required if group members are under 18. Please contact Lindsay Riessen at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more information about this!

How will my volunteer hours be validated?

All volunteers are asked to log their volunteering hours on a time sheet. This action makes it easy to validate a volunteer’s hours if needed.  Whether you are tracking hours for your resume, school requirements, Habitat ownership, or for other purposes, we are pleased to accommodate you!

What should I do when I arrive?

  1. Clock in using your timecard! (Timecards are the only records of hours worked. If you forget to clock in or out, your time cannot be accurately recorded for the day).
  2. Grab your vest/apron with your nametag
  3. Find the Volunteer Coordinator or a ReStore staff member and ask where you should begin working
  4. Tell the Volunteer Coordinator upon arrival at the orientation if you have any physical limitations that will affect your ability to perform certain tasks.

What is considered inappropriate/grounds for dismissal?

  • Leaving the ReStore property while on-the-clock without authorization
  • Falsifying a timecard or any record of work time
  • Hiding out/avoiding doing work
  • Bringing drugs, alcohol, or weapons onto ReStore property
  • Theft of anything belonging to the ReStore or on the ReStore’s property
  • Harassment of ReStore personnel, customers, or other volunteers
  • Verbal and or physical altercation with ReStore personnel, customers, or other volunteers
  • Using cell phone while working
  • Solicitation for personal gain in the ReStore or on the ReStore’s property

Can I volunteer on Habitat for Humanity’s construction sites?

To learn about construction opportunities, click here.

New volunteers will be given more information at the orientation. Feel free to contact the ReStore Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] with any questions you may have about becoming a ReStore volunteer.

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