(VIDEO) Tiffany Home Tour: What Makes a Habitat Home Affordable?


A Habitat home is built with a common cause in mind- the human right to decent and affordable housing and the American dream of homeownership. There is an incredible amount of thought and detail put into every element of a Habitat home.

Building a home is an expensive undertaking and we make sure that every dollar donated to a build project is put to use. It is common to believe that all materials are donated to a Habitat home build, but that is far from the truth! With the high cost of building, our Construction Director does a fair amount of research to place the best bids on materials and labor to get top quality for every dollar spent.

The main reason why our homes are affordable is through the gift of volunteer labor. We utilize the skill and labor of volunteers whenever possible, in place of spending the extra money to have the work professionally done. The community really comes together on a Habitat build site for the common cause of affordable housing. Not only do volunteers make our homes affordable, they do an amazing job, and we have a great time together!

For Habitat, homeownership is a long-term solution to the systemic issue of wealth inequality and our goal is to set our homeowners up for as much long-term success as possible.

What that means is that we build homes that are affordable in the long-term, not just during the building process. Our homes are built with long lasting materials, using best practices for hurricane safety, and energy efficient materials for affordable energy bills.

Check out the video to see just a few examples of how a Habitat home is built to be:

  • Affordable
  • Energy Efficient
  • and Volunteer Friendly!

Next time you hammer a nail on a Habitat build site, watch a ribbon cutting at a dedication, or donate $25 to a Habitat fundraiser, remember that you are building a forever home. A home where every material used, and every dollar spent, is carefully considered for both long-term and short-term affordability, and a home that is a long-term dream coming true for a family in our community!