Wendy Smith
[email protected]

The heart of a volunteer, ready to build back

I am very volunteer oriented. So when Habitat needed an accountant, I was more than happy to put my hand up! I actually moved here from Washington State to volunteer at Gives Kids the World. They made my son’s wishes come true when he had cancer at four-years-old. I volunteer there every other Saturday, and now I get to spend my weekdays working at Habitat for Humanity!

Though most of my days at Habitat are spent at the computer, I love the days on the build site too! As a former aircraft mechanic in the Navy, I still like to be able to get my hands dirty occasionally.

I am so excited to have found this team here at Habitat!

Personal space: I love anything in the water- swimming, water skiing, body surfing and more! I also love video games, as they are an excellent stress reliever.