CEO Build - October 2, 2023

For information, contact Debbie Leon at [email protected] or 407-696-5855 ext. 2306

These CEOs want YOU to join them on World Habitat Day!

Jessica Ciurzynski

“Habitat for Humanity is an empowering organization and I’m thrilled to be a participant in this year’s CEO Build. Their mission to bring people together by building homes, building up our community, and building on the futures of so many families really hit close to home. There was a time in my life when my two boys and I didn’t know what was next for us. So now being able to get my hands dirty and give back to a family in need truly makes this experience so special to me.” 

Jessica Ciurzynski, President/CEO

Tracy Durham

“As a CEO, I believe it is my duty to lead by example and show the importance of giving back to our local community. To be able to work hands-on and make a difference for a special family means the world to me. As an association management company, we understand how valuable it is to have a home of your very own. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka for the opportunity to CEO Build!”

Tracy Durham, PCAM, CFCAM

Suzanne Weinstein

Orlando Credit Union’s culture is based on people helping people.  Our mission of Financial Well-Being for ALL starts with home ownership.  We are passionate about serving our community and partnering with Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka to encourage prosperity for those that struggle to make ends meet.  It’s our duty to serve the community by empowering financial momentum of Future Homebuyers and our community partner.  

I am excited to participate in the CEO Build for Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka to lend a helping hand to those seeking to build a better life for their families and strengthen our community.

Steve Cover

“Quality housing is a fundamental human right and at CentralSquare, we believe everyone deserves to have a safe, decent, and affordable place to live,” said Steve Cover, CentralSquare’s Chief Technology Officer. “CentralSquare is proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity for World Habitat Day to continue advancing our mission of building safer and more connected communities.”